About The Non-Chef (That’s Me)

Yo! First things first, I guess. My name is Paula. I’m female, 39, approximately 5’7″, and I have a small birthmark on the back of my right thigh. Wait… Is this too much info for the ‘About Me’ section? Well… This is awkward. Ummm…

Anyway, I decided a long, long time ago (approximately 3 days) that I’d like to share my expertise (of lack thereof, actually) in the kitchen with the world. Or at least two of you. I can’t promise you a serious food blog, but I guarantee you’ll have fun. Unless you’re boring. And don’t like swearing. Or martinis. Or wine. Or getting chubby on delicious foodstuffs.

Thanks for stopping by! Bring some flowers next time. Yeesh. So rude.


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